In The NBHD Of Perfect

Writer / Director / Director Of Photography / Editor

In The Neighborhood Of Perfect is an entry I wrote, directed, shot, and edited for the 2012 MC3 Five Day Film Festival.
The film largely takes place right in my parent's backyard.
I was attracted to the Autumn colors when thinking about how I wanted to portray the town.
My young and talented cousin Anthony Michael played the role of Ausin,
an innocent child haunted and hunted by the mysterious phantom co-writer Ross Prajzner and I dubbed the Snatcher.
My father also acted in the film alongside several friends and family members.
Most of the nighttime lighting was achieved with LED and halogen work lights I purchased over the years from Home Depot.
While editing the piece I applied a desaturated, earthy color grade to give the piece an organic realism.
Actress Diana Allen also starred in the film. One of the things I love so much about filmmaking is the pleasure of working with friends old and new, forming lasting relationships, and above all having fun. Ross Prajzner, musician Daniel Espie and I piled into my parents' sitting room, under the torrents of an unprecedented blizzard, to finish the film's soundtrack and export the final cut. Heavily sleep-deprived, this was possibly the highlight of the week.
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